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Success Story

Success Story
My name is Rex Chan, I am 58 years old and I have blood cancer. In 2005 I was checked into the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital and diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. I was eventually put on 400mg/day of Imatinib Glivec made by Novartis. This cost me HKD 18,400 per month and I was on this expensive medication for almost 5 years until my father told me that I can get Glivec from India at a much lower cost, around HKD5000 per month in 2009. Ten years ago it was not possible for suppliers in India to deliverthe Glivec into Hong Kong and so every few months I had to find friends or friend of friends who happen to be traveling to India to help bring my medication back to Hong Kong. And then about five years ago it was possible to send the Glivec from India to Hong Kong by post and this made life a lot easier for me. Now, I have been using Imatinib Glivec from Indiasince 2010. I have used Glivec made by Cipla and now have been on Natco for the past five months and my blood count report continue to be under control. If you have any questions,for example, how can you trust if the medication will be posted to you once you made payment or how can you trust if the medication is as effective then please feel free to contact me and I can try to help address your concerns. I want to help people who are struggling with the high cost of these targeted drugs.
Traditional Chinese
我叫陳敬,58歲,血癌患者。2005在香港東區尤德夫人那打素醫院被診斷患有慢性粒細胞性白血病。每天須服用400毫克Novartis製造的 Imatinib Glivec。每月花費港幣18,400,服用這種昂貴的藥物差不多5年,至2009年父親告訴我能以低價從印度購買Glivec後, 每月僅花約5000港幣 ; 可是十年前,印度的供應商不能將Glivec寄到香港,每隔幾個月就必須找前往印度的朋友或朋友的朋友幫我將藥物帶回香港,幸好約五年前,印度供應商終能郵寄Glivec到香港,使我的生活變得輕鬆。我自2010年一直服用來自印度的藥物,使用過Cipla製造的Glivec,過去五個月則使用Natco,血細胞指數亦繼續受到控制。 如果您有任何疑問,例如付款後藥物會否寄給您或藥物是否有效,請隨時與我聯繫,我可嘗試幫助你解除疑慮,希望能幫助那些正在吃力應付高價標靶藥的病友。
Simplified Chinese

我叫陈敬,58岁,血癌患者。 2005在香港东区尤德夫人那打素医院被诊断患有慢性粒细胞性白血病。每天须服用400毫克Novartis制造的 Imatinib Glivec。每月花费港币18,400,服用这种昂贵的药物差不多5年,至2009年父亲告诉我能以低价从印度购买Glivec后, 每月仅花约5000港币; 可是十年前,印度的供应商不能将Glivec寄到香港,每隔几个月就必须找前往印度的朋友或朋友的朋友帮我将药物带回香港,幸好约五年前,印度供应商终能邮寄Glivec到香港,使我的生活变得轻松。我自2010年一直服用来自印度的药物,使用过Cipla制造的Glivec,过去五个月则使用Natco,血细胞指数亦继续受到控制。如果您有任何疑问,例如付款后药物会否寄给您或药物是否有效,请随时与我联系,我可尝试帮助你解除疑虑,希望能帮助那些正在吃力应付高价标靶药的病友。.

Rex Success Story

Rex Success Story

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Success Story

Success Story
you can contact REX Through Wechat. REX Is An Our Autorised Representative.

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